Guide to creating Aspire Virtual Cards
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Follow the guide below to create Aspire virtual cards.

Which countries can request virtual cards?

We can only provide virtual cards to companies incorporated in Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong*.

*Businesses incorporated in Hong Kong cannot select the Source of Funds when creating virtual cards, as we will automatically choose the HKD Cards Account.

Creating a Virtual Card

Admin users have the ability to create their own cards without any approval needed.

On the other hand, Finance and Employee users must obtain approval from the Admin/Budget Owner before their card is created.

Admin users

  1. Ensure the person you are creating a card for is a user of the Aspire account. If they're not yet a user in the Aspire, you may follow the steps by steps in this article to add them as a user.

  2. On your Aspire dashboard, click "Cards" in the left navigation bar (web app) or click "Menu" and choose "Cards" (mobile app).

  3. Click the blue button "➕ new card" located on the top right-hand side

  4. Select which user the card is for

  5. Click on "Confirm"

The new card is now created and will be shown at the top of your cards section

Note: We will provide a Mastercard for virtual cards tagged to the IDR Debit Account & IDR Advance Limit.

Finance and Employee users

  1. On your Aspire dashboard, click "Cards" in the left navigation bar (web app) or click "Menu" and choose "Cards" (mobile app).

  2. Click on "Request a card" at the top right-hand side

  3. Click "Request a card"

Your request will now go to the Admin of the account for approval, or if you selected a budget, it will go to the Budget Owners for approval.

Card Details and particulars



Card name

Name of the card

Card purpose

Description of card purpose

What type of card will it be?

Select if it's a virtual or physical card

Source of funds

Choose the Aspire Debit Account (SGD/USD/IDR) to tag your card. Admin users are the only ones who have the ability to select the source of funds for the card.

Spend limit

Set a spending limit and choose the refresh frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, one-time).

Freeze automatically

Choose automatic card freezing based on transaction count or selected date.


Tag the card to an Aspire budget

Allow specific currencies ONLY

Choose the currencies that you want to allow for transactions with the cards.

Preferred spend currency

Choose your preferred currencies that you want to allow for transactions with the cards.

Merchant category restrictions

Specify the merchant's category for card usage.

Specific merchant restrictions

Reporting fields

Configure categories and custom fields for card transactions.

Exclude from auto reminders

To exclude this card from auto-receipt reminders, toggle the button.

Card colour

Colour of the card

How many cards can I create?

Regardless of your subscription plan, you can create unlimited virtual cards* at no cost.

*Up to 50 Virtual cards in-app, additional upon request. Please contact our Care team in-app when requesting your 50th card or more.

Can I convert my virtual card to a physical Card?

Currently, we are unable to convert any virtual cards you have created on your Aspire Account into a physical card.

Can I choose between Visa or Mastercard for my IDR virtual cards?

Starting on 11 July 2023, all virtual cards made for IDR Debit Account and IDR Advance Limit will be under Mastercard. Don't worry, the features for Visa-issued cards will also be available for cards under Mastercard.

What would happen to my existing Visa cards?

Your existing cards under Visa will continue to remain active and usable until their expiration date.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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