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How to send receipt requests on outbound transactions?
How to send receipt requests on outbound transactions?

Users can be notified to add receipts to their transactions by Admins, Finance, and Budget Owners either manually or through automation.

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Automate receipt request

Enabling this automation feature can only be done by Admin users. If there are multiple admins on the account and one of them activates this automation, it will be applied to the entire Aspire account.

Learn how to enable this automation feature in-app by following our step-by-step instructions below:

  1. On your Aspire dashboard, go to "Settings" in the upper right corner and select "Receipt Management" (web app). On the mobile app, go to "Account", choose "Settings", and then select "Receipt Management".

  2. Tick on "Auto receipt reminders" toggle, and that's it!

  3. You can also customize the notification details by clicking the "Modify" button right next to:

    1. Delivery options - choose whether the reminder is sent via Push, SMS or Email notification

    2. Transaction type - choose whether you want to send reminders for transfers or card transactions*

    3. Reminder frequency - choose whether the reminder will be sent to the users on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis


  • If you prefer NOT to send auto-receipt reminders for specific cards, you can easily exclude them by navigating to the Cards Page, selecting the specific card, and clicking on the card details page.

  • Then, simply toggle on the "Exclude from auto reminders" button.

Send bulk receipt request manually

  1. For desktop version, click "Transactions" on the left side of the homepage

  2. For mobile apps, click the menu button, then select "Transactions"

  3. Select the transactions you would like to request receipts

  4. Click on "Request receipts", and you're done!


Users will receive an email notification requesting them to attach receipts to their debit transactions.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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