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Guide to Sending International Transfers from Aspire SGD Account
Guide to Sending International Transfers from Aspire SGD Account

Admin and Finance users with transfer rights can send international transfers from the Aspire SGD account in 2 ways.

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Notes: To send international FX transfers from your SGD Account, integration with our partner, Wise, is required.

Supported Transfer Types, Fees, Rate, Limit & Timeframe

You can send international transfers from your Aspire SGD Account in two ways:

Transfer Type

Fee & Rate

(Simulate FX rate & fees here)

Transfer Limit


Local Transfer

Transfers are done at the mid-market FX rate and are charged with the standard Wise fee.

200,000 SGD equivalent chosen currency

1-2 days*

SWIFT Transfer

(USD, EUR and GBP Currency)

Transfers are done at the mid-market FX rate and are charged with the standard Wise fee.

200,000 SGD equivalent chosen currency

4-5 business days*

*Our partners may perform compliance checks on transactions, which could result in delays in funds receipt. Admins and Finance users will be notified if more documents or information are required before funds are credited. Additionally, weekends, public holidays, and banking hours may also affect funds receipt, which is beyond our control.

Supported Currencies & Countries

You can send these currencies locally to their home country:


Home Country

Important Information

United Arab Emirates










Switzerland and Liechtenstein








Costa Rica


Czech Republic








United Kingdom






Hong Kong





Minimum amount per transfer is IDR 50,000






  • Account holder's name matches their bank account precisely

  • Enter Katakana characters if the recipient's details are in Katakana

  • Keep the transfer amount under 1 million JPY. If needed, split it into multiple transfers or use our Transfer Request form



South Korea


Sri Lanka











You can send up to 1 million NPR per transfer.

New Zealand











  • Transfers sent to Bangkok Bank Public Company, Kasikorn Bank, and Siam Commercial Bank = Limit per transaction is 2M THB

  • Other banks in Thailand = Limit per transaction is 49,999 THB





United States of America






South Africa





  • If you don't see the country you need to send FX transfer to, you might still be able to send money to your recipient's country if their account can receive USD, EUR or GBP. For such transactions, Wise will complete the transaction via a SWIFT transfer sent out from its home country, i.e. USD SWIFT transfer sent from USA.

    • Find here a list of the countries that you can send USD to: USD list

    • Find here a list of the countries that you can send EUR to: EUR list

    • Find here a list of the countries that you can send GBP to: GBP list

  • Otherwise, if your desired currency is not listed, please refer to our guide on Sending and Receiving International Transfers through Aspire's Alternative FX Partner.

How to send international transfers from SGD account

Through our partner Wise, Aspire allows you to send monies internationally by converting your overseas payments instructions into 2 discrete local transactions.

In place of a single SWIFT transaction, a local transaction of SGD within Singapore is first initiated. Subsequently, a local transaction of the foreign currency in its home country is made to the intended recipient. This allows for time and cost savings when making international transfers.

To initiate an international FX transfer, follow the guide below:

1. Go to your SGD Account page

2. Click on"Submit a transfer button"

3. Select from one of your saved recipients or create a New Recipient. When creating a new recipient, make sure to choose the currency you want to send from the drop-down list, provide the necessary recipient account details then click "Continue"

Notes: When sending USD, EUR, and GBP currencies outside of their home country, it's crucial to select the correct tab based on whether you're sending within their home country or outside of it.

4. Enter the amount you wish to send and other transfer details, then click "Next"

5. Review the transfer details and if all good, click "Confirm" to initiate the transfer.

Notes: If your account has a Transfer Approval Policy in place, the transfer will then require approval from the Approver/s that has been set in your business's policy.


  • We are currently unable to increase the character limit for the transfer reference field. As a temporary solution, we suggest abbreviating the word or message you intend to include in the reference. Please note that you should inform the recipient to check with their bank if they can receive the funds with the abbreviated reference.

  • If you are sending funds to a business recipient, please include the company suffix in the recipient's name. Special characters cannot be used in the beneficiary's name.

What name will be displayed as the sender of the transfer?

The beneficiary will see the name of Wise’s payout partner as the sender of the transfer.

Amount Limit Exceeded on FX Transfer

Depending on the currency being sent, there is a maximum amount that you can send per transfer. You will receive an error message in-app if you initiate an FX transfer of more than the maximum limit.

Alternatively, you can use our trusted FX partner to make this transaction. The transfer with our FX partner will not integrate with Aspire, but it works and has even better rates for high amounts. You can check this article to see the required details/documents to make this transfer.

If you are interested in using this alternative, you can fill out the Transfer Request Form, and our team will be in touch within 1-2 business days.

Please note that our partners will review your payment requests before proceeding to ensure they fall within their Acceptable User Policy.

Outbound FX transfer from SGD Account is pending/processing

On some occasions, Wise may request more information from you for a specific transaction. In such situations, Wise will directly contact you via email. Please ensure that you respond using the email address you used for the integration, as any response from another email address will not be recognized by Wise.

It is also possible to access your Wise account by logging in separately. If you already have a Wise account, simply log in as you normally would.

If you established your Wise Account through Aspire, please adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Go to the Wise log-in page

  2. Click on "Trouble Logging in" and select "I've forgotten my password."

  3. Enter the email address associated with the Admin who set up your Wise Integration on Aspire.

  4. Send the password reset link.

  5. Create a new password and log into Wise again.

Once you're logged into Wise, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Activities and select the transfer that requires your attention.

  2. Click on "Fix your transfer"

  3. Choose the payment request that matches the requested amount and click "Confirm"

While this scenario is not ideal, it is a much faster solution for you to proceed with your funds compared to us contacting Wise on your behalf. We are actively working to improve this process and make it more efficient for you.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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