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How to make batch payment transfers from Aspire IDR Account?
How to make batch payment transfers from Aspire IDR Account?
Updated over a week ago

Follow the steps below to make batch payment transfers using your Aspire IDR account.

  1. Under Frequently Used Actions, click "View all actions", then select "Make batch payment".

  2. Start creating your batch payment

    1. Choose IDR as your Source account

    2. Add the name for your batch transfer

    3. Link your batch payment transfer to a budget (optional)

    4. Choose a category for your batch payment transfers (required)

    5. Click Next


  3. Upload recipient and transfer details

    1. You can upload your own CSV file. Make sure the file size is less than 10MB and has the following columns: Recipient Account holder name, Account number, Bank code and the Transfer amount.

    2. Otherwise, you can also make a copy of our template, "Aspire's IDR batch payment template".

    3. Once you make a copy of your own file, fill out the transfer detail and download the copy. You may select .CSV format.

      1. To ensure the numbers under Account Number are not truncated and still intact, please input them as a "Text Field". Additionally, ensure there is no space, hyphen (-), or other symbol in the Account Number section.

    4. Once uploaded, click Next.

  4. Match the .csv columns accordingly between the Aspire fields and Your .csv fields, then hit "Review"

  5. It will take a few minutes to upload your batch payment, you can always come back to it later by finding it under your Pending Transactions. Otherwise, you can click on "Review transactions"

  6. Review the details of your batch payment.

    Click on "Show list" to see the approximate fee breakdown per successful entry.

    Click on "Show errors" to review unsuccessful entries.

    If there are any errors, you can amend the relevant items on the .csv file and Re-upload file.

  7. Once the batch payment is good to go, click on Send transfers for approval.


  • Transfer fees are determined by the payment method supported by the destination bank. We generally send all local IDR transfers via BI-FAST. However, if the destination bank does not support BI-FAST transfers, we'll use alternatives (RTOL/SKN/RTGS) that may take longer. You can view the exact fee breakdown on the transfer detail page after the transaction.

  • The batch payment transfers will also follow the transfer approval policy that has been set in place (if any). In this scenario, the approvals needed are determined based on the total amount included in the CSV file, not based on each individual transfer.

  • Users who can make batch payment transfers are Admin, Finance with transfer rights, and Finance with submit-only rights.

  • Currently, the batch payment feature for IDR currency is only available for the same currency transfers (IDR to IDR).

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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