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How to include 6-point KYC information on my SWIFT transfer?
How to include 6-point KYC information on my SWIFT transfer?
Updated over a week ago

Please note that we are unable to support responses via MT199 SWIFT messages from the beneficiary bank for now.

While we're working to enable this in the future, we kindly suggest you include the 6-point information in the SWIFT transfer reference field when processing the payment.

This way, the information will be available in field 70 of the MT103 SWIFT confirmation message. Do note that the reference field accepts 140 characters. You can shorten and use abbreviations to include the necessary information:

  • Registered Name of the Remitter (your company name)

  • Company Registration Number

  • Registered Company Address

  • Name of the Remitter's Bank (place 'CurrencyCloud')

  • Remitter's Bank Account Number (your Aspire USD account IBAN number)

  • Period of banking relationship with the Remitter (how long has your Aspire USD account been active for)

Notes: Required 6-point information varies from one client to another. Please reach out to the payment beneficiary to confirm the specific 6-point information needed before you proceed with the transfer.

In most cases, this has been accepted by other beneficiary banks. Kindly consult with your beneficiary banks first if they accept the alternative suggestion above.

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