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Multi-currency Account General Information
Multi-currency Account General Information
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What is the minimum balance required for Aspire multi-currency accounts?
How much funds can I hold in my Aspire Multi-Currency Accounts?
How to Download an Official Aspire Multi-Currency Accounts LetterTo download an official Aspire Multi-Currency Accounts Letter, please follow the steps by steps below:
How to request an Audit Confirmation Letter for my Aspire Debit Account?
How to Download MT103/Transaction Receipts for Transfers from Multi-Currency Accounts?
Where do I find and submit the required transfer details?Sometimes, our team requires further information and documents before we credit your transfer.
Guide to Sending and Receiving International Transfers from Aspire's Alternative FX PartnerFollow this guide to send and receive international transfers from Aspire's Alternative FX Partner.
Guide to Scheduled TransfersYou can schedule local transfers from SGD and IDR Accounts only. Scheduled transfers can also be modified and cancelled.
How to Create and Delete Recipients in my Aspire Multi-Currency Accounts
"Make a transfer" button is not accessible
Why did my transfer rollback?An outbound transfer may roll back due to incorrect transfer details or an unexpected error on our end.
Can I request to amend the details of my outbound SWIFT Transfers?
Guide to obtaining a Foreign Inward Remittance Certificate (FIRC)
Why is there a transaction I do not recognise on my Aspire multi-currency Accounts?In our experience, unrecognized transactions may be due to promotions, refunds, or forgotten scheduled payments.
Why do I need to submit certain documents for my transactions?The documents requested are needed to fulfill our due diligence process.
Does Aspire offer interest on Deposits?
Can I use my Aspire multi-currency accounts to provide charge or debenture for a loan?
Do you support Cash Transfers and Semi-Automated/Manual SWIFT Transfers?Cash Transfers, Semi-automated and Manual SWIFT Transfers are not supported.
Refund Timeline for Rejected SWIFT Payments from Aspire Aspire Debit Accounts
How to include 6-point KYC information on my SWIFT transfer?
How to Transfer Funds Between Aspire Multi-Currency Accounts?