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Guide to Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) ID Verification
Guide to Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) ID Verification
Updated over a week ago

Why did I receive an email regarding UBO ID verification?

The email was sent to request verification of the Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) ID for your business to meet regulatory and industry standards.

If you have already submitted the required documents for verification, you may ignore any further reminders you receive.

Is UBO ID verification mandatory for my business?

Yes, UBO ID verification is mandatory as per Aspire’s latest policy to ensure compliance with regulations and industry standards.

I received an email stating that no UBO ID is required for my business. What does this mean?

If you received such an email, it means that our system is updated with all the information for your business and no further information is required. You can continue utilizing your Aspire account without any disruptions.

I received an email with the wrong name of our UBO. What should I do?

If the email indicates an incorrect UBO for your company, please respond to the email you received for further assistance from our Support Team.

My business is winding down. Do I still need to undergo the verification process?

No. If you are in the process of closing down your business, please let our support team know so that we can assist you accordingly and avoid unnecessary verification procedures.

How do I submit the updated UBO details for my business?

You have the option to submit the identification documents of the new Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) either via the link provided in the email or by responding to the email and attaching the document.

Once the required documents have been submitted, our team will promptly review them and you will receive an email confirmation once the verification process is complete.

When is the deadline to submit the required documents for verification?

The deadline for submitting the necessary documents for verification will be specified in the email you have received.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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