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How to pay CPF contributions via PayNow?
Updated over a week ago

CPF can receive payment contributions via Direct Debit and PayNow QR Code. Your Aspire account only supports CPF payments by uploading the PayNow QR Code.

You can refer to our video guide or follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Login to your Aspire account

  2. From your homepage, click on "Send via PayNow"

  3. Select "Upload QR Code" to upload your unique QR Code

  4. Place the amount and other reporting fields on the transfer

  5. Make sure that the generated reference has 20 characters*. Do NOT edit the reference populated on the transfer

  6. Click "Continue"

  7. Review the transfer and if all good, click "Confirm"


  • CPF provides a new QR code to scan every month. Please refrain from reusing old QR codes to prevent failed CPF payments.

  • If the generated reference field contains less than 20 characters, do NOT proceed with the transfer. Kindly reach out to our support team via the chat option for further assistance.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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