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Guide to Sending PayNow Transfers
Updated over a week ago

If your company is registered in Singapore, Admin, Finance Users with transfer rights, and Finance users with submit-only rights* can transfer funds through PayNow from your Aspire SGD Account.


  • *Finance with submit-only rights users can only request the transfer. It will need to be approved by Admin or Finance with transfer rights users before funds are sent to the beneficiary.

  • We only support QR codes via "Upload & Pay" to CPF, MOM, and IRAS. For other entities outside of these, please attempt a PayNow transfer to a UEN, Mobile number, NRIC, or VPA details instead.

To learn how to transfer funds via PayNow from your Aspire SGD Account, you can either follow the instructions provided or watch our video guide below:

  1. On your Aspire dashboard, click on "SGD Account" under My Account

  2. Click on "Submit a transfer"

  3. Click on "New recipient"

  4. Click on "Paynow"

  5. Choose the recipient's Account Identifier (Mobile Number, NRIC, UEN, VPA)

  6. Fill in their Account Identifier detail or upload their QR code

  7. Click "Next"

  8. Fill in the amount you want to send. Also, you are able to:

    • Link this payment to a certain budget

    • Add Reference for the recipient

    • Add an internal note

    • Schedule the payment (one-time, weekly, or monthly!)

      Screenshot 2023-05-10 160533

  9. Click "Next"

  10. Review your payment, once you are sure, click "Confirm"

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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