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How to sync or import Bills from Aspire to Xero?
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What is the Bills sync feature for Xero?

The Sync Bills for Xero is a feature that allows you to sync any bills created using Aspire’s Bills feature directly to Xero. Aspire provides an end-to-end account payable in our Bills feature, which allows your business to create, approve and pay bills and also offers advanced features like OCR and customizable approval workflows.

With the Bills sync feature for Xero, you can also sync the bills with Xero and track your accounts payable without any additional effort!

Note: Xero Bills Sync Feature is not available for Hong Kong-incorporated businesses.

Different Bill statuses that can be synced with Xero

You can sync any approved bills with Xero, specifically, the bills in status - Pending payment, Payment scheduled or Paid. For each synced bill, we will create a create a record in the Xero Bill-to-Pay module.

What will be the status of the bills on Xero?

If you sync a bill that is yet to be paid, i.e. when if it is in Pending payment or Payment scheduled status, a bill will be created on Xero in Awaiting payment status.

If you sync a bill that is already in Paid status, the corresponding bill on Xero will also be created in Paid status.

What happens when a payment is completed on Aspire, for a bill that was synced before it was paid?

If you sync a bill that is yet to be paid, ie and the payment is completed on Aspire, we will automatically update the payment details to the Awaiting payment bill on Xero. This bill will then automatically move to Paid status on Xero! You don’t have to manually update the payment details to Xero

My bills usually contain multiple line items. Can Aspire also capture and sync line item details with Xero?

Yes! Before syncing any bill with Xero, you will have the option to split the bill into its different line items and assign different accounting values to each line item.


How to sync Aspire Bills to Xero

You can access the bills sync feature by navigating to the Xero homepage under the Accounting section, in the left navigation pane.

Do note that you will need to have connected your Xero organization to be able to use this feature. To know how to do this, please refer to the Xero connection guide.

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Mapping Xero accounts

When you first click on the Sync expenses workflow, you will be asked to Map your Xero accounts.

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You can set up a mapping between your Aspire categories and your Xero chart of accounts on this screen.

Once you map a Xero account to an Aspire category, any bill in that category will automatically be linked to the mapped Xero account. You can always update the Xero account for any individual bill or update this mapping later.

Reviewing a bill

The Bills sync workflow has three different sync statuses - Pending Review, Pending Sync, and Synced. You can switch between these tabs at any time.

Once you are on the Sync expenses homepage, you will be able to see the list of bills in Pending Review status. This will include all bills that are in Pending payment, Payment scheduled or Paid status in the Aspire Bills module.

You can click on any Bill to review and update all information about the bill, before syncing it with Xero. The attached bill document will be visible so that you can review and update any details easily.

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You can update the following values in the Bill details panel:

Vendor name

  • If there is a Xero contact by the same name as the Vendor for the bill, we will sync the bill to that Xero contact.

  • If there is no vendor by the same name, Aspire will create a new contact on Xero for you.

  • You can also update the merchant to any of your Xero contacts or create a new contact on Xero, by editing the Vendor name.

Invoice Description

  • We will auto-populate a description for the bill for you.

  • You can edit this value to any description that you would like to sync to Xero.

Aspire category

The Aspire category can be updated to any of your Aspire categories.

Xero Account

The Xero account will be automatically filled if you have mapped the Aspire category to a Xero account. You can update the value to any of your Xero account values.

Tax Rate

The tax rate will default to the Xero tax rate linked to the selected Xero account. You can update the value to any of your Xero tax rates.

Xero Tracking categories

If you have any tracking categories added on Xero, you will be able to fill their values from Aspire.

Internal Notes

You can leave a note for your team in the internal notes section. This value will not be synced with Xero.

You can also click on the "Add new line items" option, to split the bill into different line items. This will open up the line items pane, where you will be able to enter the different line items.

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You can enter Description, Quantity, Unit price, Account, Tax rate and any tracking categories for each line item.

Notes: If you have a Withholding Tax (WTH Tax), you will need to enter it manually for each line item so that it can be synchronized with Xero.

You can add as many line items or delete line items by selecting them using the checkboxes. If the total of the line items, does not align with the Bill amount, there will be an error shown as the Difference in the top right corner of the line items pane.

Untitled (5)

Once you fill in all mandatory information and adjust the line item prices to match the bill total, you can save all the details to return back to the bill details.

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Once all details are reviewed, you can move this bill to the next status by clicking on the "Add to pending sync" button.

Once the bill is in Pending sync status, you can review all details once again and sync the bill with Xero. The bill will then move to the Synced status.

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Once the payment is completed on Aspire for this bill, it will automatically be updated to Paid status on Xero as well.

How to manually import Aspire Bills to Xero

If you haven't synced your bills from Aspire to Xero, you can still import them manually by following the steps by steps below:

  1. Navigate to "Export Data" on Aspire and select "Bills

  2. Select the relevant filters in case you want to filter the data for your export, and then select "Xero" to export your statement

  3. Open Xero

  4. In the Business menu, select Bills to pay

  5. Click the arrow next to New bill, then select Import Bill

  6. Drag and drop the saved CSV file or click Select File

  7. Choose whether the prices in the Unit Amount column are tax inclusive or exclusive

  8. Click Confirm

  9. Review the import message in Xero. If there are errors in the file, you can go back to the file, fix them, then import the file again. Otherwise, click Complete import.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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