How to submit a bill?
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Note: For businesses incorporated in Hong Kong, you can only pay out submitted bills from your Aspire USD Account.

Supported bill/invoice file types

When forwarding bills to your designated email ID or uploading it in your Aspire app, please note that only certain file formats are supported: JPG, JPE, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and PDF files.

Bills or invoices in CSV and XLXS format sent to your unique email ID will NOT be processed. Instead, you can send bills in CSV/XLXS formats to

Required invoice information for submitting Bills

For an optimal experience, please remember our guidelines as mentioned below:

  • The bill/invoice you'll submit for Bills should be addressed to your company

  • The bill/invoice should show all payment details like bank name, account holder name, account number, and invoice amount

  • The bill/invoice should show the supplier’s email so we can send a notification to the supplier once the payment has been approved;

  • The bill/invoice may be in any currency.

How to submit bills

Admin, Finance and Employee users can submit Bills to Aspire in two ways:

Via Aspire app

1. On your Aspire dashboard, click on "Bills" in the left navigation bar (web app) or click "Menu" and choose "Bills" (mobile app).

2. Click on ➕ New Bill and upload your bill/invoice for payment

3. Choose Yes, Autofill to automatically fill in Bill details, or No, Enter Manually to input them yourself.

4. If you select Yes, Autofill, the scanning process will automatically fill in the Bill details, Reporting, and Supported documents fields within 30 seconds.

5. Click "Continue" if all is good (or "Save as draft" to access later from your Bills dashboard)

Notes: It is optional to fill up the Reporting and Supported documents fields when submitting a bill.

6. Fill in the optional transfer details, such as the recipient and payment details. Once done, click "Continue"

Note: During this stage, selecting a recipient is optional for all users. However, only Admin, Finance Users and Budget Owners with transfer rights can create new recipients.

7. If all details are good, click on "Submit bill".

Before making the payment for your bill, it will go through a review and approval process by either Admin, Finance Users, or Budget Owners (if the bill is tied to a budget).

This ensures that all necessary information is accurate and complete before payment.

Via email

Forwarding bills to Aspire, either through your designated email ID or, depends on the file format of the bill. Make sure to check the supported file types before submitting your bills to ensure a smooth processing experience:

  • If your bills are in JPG, JPE, JPEG, PNG, GIF, or PDF file format, you can forward them to your designated email ID.

  • If your bills are in CSV or XLXS format, it is best to send them to

Option A: Forward bills via your designated email ID

You can ask your vendors to send their invoices to your dedicated email ID, ensuring a smooth processing of bills on your Aspire account.

Learn what happens when you forward bills/invoices to your unique email ID by following the guide below:

1. Copy your unique email ID by going to "Bills" on your Aspire app dashboard

Note: If you cannot see your unique email address, click on "New Bill" and submit a Bill. A unique email address will be assigned to you after your first Bill submission.

2. Once the forwarded email containing invoices is processed, the OCR technology will automatically fill in the necessary details and create a draft entry on the Bills Dashboard:

  • This icon will appear next to the drafted bill if it was sent by one of the users of your Aspire account:

  • This icon will appear next to the drafted bill if it was sent by any other person outside of your Aspire account:

3. Admin, finance user, or Budget Owners can review and submit the bills by clicking the draft bills from the list.

A pop-up window would slide from the right part of the page where you can see the attached bills, the content of the email, and amend the Bill and Transfer details.

If there are multiple files attached to the email, you can add the other files as supporting documents to the bill submission:

4. Once the Bill is reviewed and submitted, users can approve the submitted bills to initiate the transfer to the said bills

Option B: Forward bills via

When you have bills/invoices in CSV or XLXS file format, it's best to forward them to

Remember to include the supplier account details in the statement and indicate if you want to pay the full or partial amount, as the default is the full amount.

If you want to notify your client about the payment, provide their email or mobile number in your instructions.

The transfer will be created within one business day, and you'll receive a notification to approve the transfer once it's ready. You can find the invoices in the Transactions > Pending Transactions section of the Aspire platform.

Follow the guide below to learn more:

  1. Prepare the CSV or XLXS file with the columns below:

    1. SI no

    2. Currency

    3. Account Holder Name

    4. Account Number

    5. Bank SWIFT Code (mandatory)

    6. Transfer amount

    7. Reference (if any, max 29 characters)

    8. Category

    9. Bank name (Optional)

  2. Send the CSV or XLXS file to You can insert the name of the bills for the email subject.

Note: Invoices sent to before 4:00 PM SGT on a business day will be processed on that same day. Other invoices sent after 4:00 PM SGT, or sent on a day that is not a business day, will be processed on the next business day.

Scheduling Bill Payment

You can schedule a bill payment in-app if the bills are billed in the same currency. For overseas bills, you can schedule the payment by submitting it to

Scheduling a payment for submitted Bills in-app

You can schedule bill payments when the bills are billed in the same currency (SGD to SGD or IDR to IDR).

image (9)-1

However, you cannot schedule payments when the bills are billed in a different currency to your account, for example: SGD to CAD.

As an alternative, you can select Save as draft, to pay it out at another time or schedule the payment via We are working to make this feature available by 2024.


Scheduling a payment for submitted Bills via

If you send your bill via, payment requests will be set up for immediate payment upon your approval unless otherwise requested.

Feel free to include instructions such as "schedule payment on due date", and we'll take care of it.

Notes: Bill payments using USD account cannot be scheduled, even when it is billed in USD.

Notifying the recipient of the bill payment

Bills submitted in-app

  1. When placing the payment details, make sure to tick the "Notify recipient" option under the transfer information section

  2. Place the email address of the transfer recipient so that once the bill is paid, we will notify them on our end

Bills submitted to

If you would like to send a notification to your client regarding the payment, please specify their email or mobile number in your instructions.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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