Is the Aspire system secure?
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Yes! Security is of the highest importance to us and our web platform and app mirror the best-in-class security practices on the market so rest assured, your money is safe with Aspire.

  • Your funds are safeguarded: Your funds are held strictly segregated in a trust account with a tier-1 bank in Singapore. Should something happen to Aspire, then your funds will still be safe - in your name - at our partner bank. As Aspire is not a bank, the Deposits Insurance Scheme does not apply.

  • Your data is secure: We implement the highest digital security encryption and access protocols. We also comply with personal data protection regulations in Singapore. Please click here to know more about PDPA and here to know more about Aspire's Privacy Policy.

  • Access is strictly restricted: Our platform and app logins are protected with a user PIN that should be known only to yourself. Transactions also require 2-factor authentication with an OTP that will be sent to your registered Email ID or Mobile Number. Warning notifications are also are sent when logging in from a new or different device.

  • Accounts can be locked if compromised: Should you lose access or feel that your account has been compromised, please let our Support Team know by logging in to your Aspire app. We will lock your account until security has been re-established.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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