How to integrate Aspire Debit Account with Stripe?
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  • The Stripe system does not block you as a user from saving your withdrawal account as Aspire's 11-digit USD or 12-digit SGD account numbers. However, not all payouts will be successful. Stripe has advised Aspire that at times, the payout will fail/will not work for a variety of reasons.

    In the event this occurs, we advise you to re-try the withdrawal. If urgent, we advise you to withdraw to a separate standard banking account and remit the funds to your Aspire account thereafter.

  • You can read more about Stripe payout failures.

This is reflective for both Debit Accounts and Debit Cards for withdrawal.

Aspire SGD Account

You can integrate your Aspire SGD Local account details into your Stripe account registered in Singapore!

The following steps apply ONLY if you selected Singapore as your country when initially setting up your Stripe account.

This is applicable for SGD/USD payouts into your SGD Local Account only. Watch our 2-minute video below or follow the steps further down the page:

Step-by-Step Guide:


Aspire USD Account

Notes: Keep in mind that the country you selected when setting up your Stripe account is where it is based.

If your Stripe account is registered in the USA (Opened in USA)

You can integrate Stripe with your Local USD account details under CurrencyCloud to receive USD payouts:

  1. Copy the details of your Local USD account from your Aspire app

  2. Login to your Stripe Account then head over to "Settings"

  3. Under Business Settings, select "External payout accounts and scheduling"

  4. Under Banks accounts, click "Add bank account" or "Edit" button

  5. Place your account holder name, routing number and account number (remember to remove the dash "-" sign) on the fields, then hit "Add bank account" or "Edit account" once done

If your Stripe account is registered in Singapore (Opened in Singapore)

Unfortunately, integrating your USD account under CurrencyCloud with Stripe to receive USD payout is not available at this time. This is due to Stripe requiring the USD account to be based in Singapore. Your USD account under CurrencyCloud is based in the UK, not Singapore.

Aspire IDR Account

For now, Stripe services in Indonesia are only available in an invitation-only form. Please refer to this website for a list of countries that support Stripe services.

Questions? Chat with us by clicking on the messenger icon at the bottom right of the screen once you are logged in.

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