Can I receive funds using my virtual debit card?
Updated over a week ago

Your Aspire debit card can receive funds from 3rd-party platforms (i.e. Stripe or PayPal). However, some transactions may be declined due to our card partners risk parameters. This is out of Aspire's control.

To avoid any issues, we recommend using your Aspire SGD/USD account to receive your funds successfully. You can visit our other FAQ article to learn where to integrate your Aspire account.


  • Not all payouts will be successful. Stripe & Paypal have advised Aspire that at times, the payout will fail/will not work for a variety of reasons.

    In the event this occurs, we advise you to re-try the withdrawal.

    You can read more about Stripe payout failures & instant.

  • You can read more about PayPal here

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